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3 Reasons Your Web Site Design Needs To Become Responsive Now

More and more people are accessing the Web from mobile devices — and more than that, the rate at which mobile users are increasing is itself increasing. If this were one of those government projections, 107% of Americans would be using mobile devices for Web use by 2017! We all know math doesn’t actually work like that, but the numbers […]

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3 Ways to Lose Visitors When They Arrive at Your Website

Once a website is uploaded and running smoothly, the next step an internet marketer must take is to acquire traffic. There are several avenues through which this can be accomplished, but unfortunately, many entrepreneurs overlook the fact that it is equally important to ensure that visitors stay on the site. The following are three of the most common reasons people […]

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7 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Your Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn advertises itself as the ‘professional’s networking site’, and a lot of business owners think that ‘professional’ means ‘not my customer base’.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Professionals have lives, buy products and services, and feel needs just as deeply as everyone else.   In fact, a recent study by Hubspot found that LinkedIn had the best conversion […]

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Mobile Marketing! Can You Afford Not To Integrate It In 2013 & Beyond?

Mobile marketing is, at its core, basically a streamlined version of ‘traditional’ internet marketing that essentially consists of using cellular or otherwise mobile devices to communicate with your consumers. The point is to get them to visit a particular mobile site, to join some sort of marketing campaign, or perhaps just let them know about a new product, service, or […]

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9 Ways to Grow Your Small Business Online in 2013

#1: Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) PPC is the perfect tool for a startup business to start driving traffic online instantly.  Its costs are upfront, but its benefits are immediate — you don’t pay unless the ad you wrote actually drove a customer to your site. In terms of cashflow, it’s the best form of online advertising you can find, […]

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