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7 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Your Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn advertises itself as the ‘professional’s networking site’, and a lot of business owners think that ‘professional’ means ‘not my customer base’.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Professionals have lives, buy products and services, and feel needs just as deeply as everyone else.


In fact, a recent study by Hubspot found that LinkedIn had the best conversion rate of any traffic source, beating out Facebook and Twitter in particular by 277%.

If you’re not marketing on LinkedIn, you’re leaving money on the table — but how do you market on a platform that’s designed for interactions between businesses and potential employees rather than businesses and customers?  It’s not as difficult as you might think.

Brand Your Address

The simplest act of marketing on LinkedIn is customizing your LinkedIn profile’s address. is so much more powerful than the default string-type address that it’s silly not to take the twenty seconds it requires to make the change.

Use Your Business URL in Your Headline/Title

Don’t play around: tell people who you are and where to find you up front. Putting your business URL in your headline or title along with a short and sweet call to action turns your LinkedIn profile into a part of your traffic funnel instantly.

Update Consistently

Think of LinkedIn kind of like your blog or your Facebook page — if you don’t update it regularly, people will think of your business as stagnant or worse-yet, no longer in existence.  Update regularly, and keep it fresh.

LinkedIn Groups: Build Brand Awareness

LinkedIn Groups have been created around almost every industry, shared interest, and geographical area. If you participate in the Groups relevant to your business and brand the account you’re participating from, you can improve brand awareness and start to build a following at the same time. You’re allowed to join up to 50 LinkedIn groups — find places that your audience hangs out online, and join them!


LinkedIn Groups II: Host Events

Once your LinkedIn Groups interactions are starting to show people paying attention to you and following what you’re doing, use the Groups to gather audiences for events. Webinars are the easiest example, but almost any kind of remote-access event you can name can be organized through LinkedIn Groups and will serve to solidify your name as someone who gets things done in the eyes of your audience.

LinkedIn Q&A: Become the Expert They’re Looking For

Similarly, Questions & Answers gives you the opportunity to prove your expertise and impress potential clients by talking intelligently about your industry to people with questions and concerns. The more effort your spend spinning accurate and useful answers, the more people with similar questions will see your answer in the future and determine that you are an expert worth buying from.

Syndicate Your Blog Posts to LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a wonderful BlogLink tool that allows you to automatically syndicate your company’s blog posts to your LinkedIn profile. Instantly, you get an entirely different audience for your blog that people who you might otherwise never have marketed toward.

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