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5 Reasons Your Website Needs Great Content

5 Reasons Your Website Needs Great Content

Everyone is probably well and truly sick of hearing gurus say “Content Is King!”  It’s an old adage by Internet standards, but the more that Google cracks down on ‘grey-hat’ search engine optimization techniques with the likes of Panda and Penguin, the more true it becomes.  Great content is the best way to domination online, end of story. Here’s why:

Great Content Is Its Own Link-bait

“Linkbait” used to mean “any piece of content deliberately engineered to get people to link back to it.”  Today, however, blatant link-baiting is one of the things that Panda punishes, unless it’s also actually plentiful and useful content. The days of ‘thin’ content designed just to get links with little effort are over. Great content, however, will do the job just fine.

Great Content Provokes the Social Media

In addition to drawing backlinks and thus being good SEO, great content also provokes a response on the social media. Debates on Facebook, Tweetstorms, and other social responses are the norm when someone posts a piece of great content. This is a good thing, because it generates attention, which means more brand awareness, more customers, and eventually more sales.

Great Content Naturally Includes LSI 

One of the factors that drives Google’s algorithm is called LSI, or ‘Latent Semantic Indexing’.  Basically, that just says that a keyword that is remarkably different than the text surrounding it, it’s probably forced. A keyword that looks like it belongs in the surrounding text is probably natural.  Great content is based on the subject at hand, so the keywords will be natural and the LSI will create itself just by the nature of the subject being discussed.

Great Content Creates Its Own Audience

There’s a lot of ways to develop an audience for your content. You can market your content on Facebook and Twitter and other social media outlets. You can optimize your content so that it gets clicks straight from the search engines. But in the end, great content gets shared — via any and every medium — by the people who get caught up in it. Getting an audience in front of your mediocre content takes effort — but if you put the effort into creating great content up front, the audience will come to you.

Great Content Builds Your Brand 

As you create amazing content and put it on branded pages — be they your home website, your Facebook page, your blog, or whatever you happen to have — readers come to associate your brand with killer content. Much like people will watch any movie if Quentin Tarantino directs it, or read any book written by Piers Anthony, if your brand becomes synonymous with great content, people will by willing to pay a lot more attention to any future content you put out.

Bonus Sixth Reason: Great Content Helps You Understand Your Industry

Here’s the secret reason why great content seems to consistently come from great businesses — because creating content is a lot like being a teacher: you learn just as much as you teach.  If you consistently put in the effort to create great content about your products, services, businesses, and industry, you’ll find that you understand all of them better than you did before — and that means more long-term success.


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