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Mobile Marketing! Can You Afford Not To Integrate It In 2013 & Beyond?

Mobile marketing is, at its core, basically a streamlined version of ‘traditional’ internet marketing that essentially consists of using cellular or otherwise mobile devices to communicate with your consumers. The point is to get them to visit a particular mobile site, to join some sort of marketing campaign, or perhaps just let them know about a new product, service, or sale. It utilizes a variety of communication pathways including:

  • Mobile Internet and Social Media
  • Mobile Applications
  • Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS)
  • Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)
  • Bluetooth, Wireless and Infrared

Wow, That’s…Interesting…

Not really — but then, that’s a really cold, technical description of an area of marketing that’s actually both robust and vibrant. Mobile marketing is a huge and growing part of the total electronic market. Experian noted recently that the number of people sending and receiving SMS messages (texts) is double the number of active Email users. If that doesn’t make your entrepreneurial senses tingle, you’re probably still advertising by putting pamphlets under car’s windshields.

Here are some more stats to whet your appetite:

  • Right now, more than 80% of US citizens own a mobile device, and the vast majority of them use theirs on a daily basis.
  • Worldwide, more people own and use a mobile device than don’t.
  • 98% of mobile devices in the US have SMS capability.
  • Less than 10% of SMS messages are considered spam (compared to 65% of all emails.)
  • American users texted 140% more than they called last year — and texts are only becoming more common.
  • It was only four years ago — in 2008 — that mobile marketing became ubiquitous enough that 51% of Americans had responded to at least one mobile marketing advertisement at some point during the year — and it’s only growing.

Traditional Advertising is a Quagmire

The typical American is exposed to a massive 10,000 marketing messages every day, and the vast majority of those come from the ‘traditional’ advertising channels. What that means for traditional advertises is bad news – because it’s clear that Americans are inured to commercial messages on TV, on the radio, in the email boxes, and on billboards and bus sides.

If you want to get at modern America, you have to come at them from a different angle — and the newest kid on the block is mobile marketing.  It’s the ‘in’ thing you’re looking for.

Can You Afford Not to Use Mobile Marketing?

We all know what it’s like to examine your budget and wonder where it’s best to put your money. When you’re a small business and it’s your advertising dollar on the line, every aspect of your decision needs to be made from a strict cost-benefit analysis perspective.

In 2013 and going forward, the most cost-effective kind of marketing is mobile. Put your money into a mobile website, SMS marketing, and some other mobile channels like in-app marketing. You can sidestep the ennui that affects traditional marketing and get more ‘bang for your buck’ at the same time.

Bottom line: how can you afford not to use mobile marketing?

I have over 10 years of experience developing inbound marketing strategies for small to medium sized businesses. My hands-on marketing and technical skills related to SEO, PPC and Social Media continue to provide my clients a tremendous online exposure – with an outstanding conversion rate.

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