5 Ways to Use Facebook To Market Your Business

5 Ways to Use Facebook To Market Your Business

Facebook marketing has taken a hit in terms of public perception since General Motors announced it was pulling it’s advertising from Facebook a few months ago — but that’s just a perception. The truth is that Facebook is still one of the pillars of social advertising, and that almost any business can benefit immensely from using Facebook correctly.

Here are a few ideas on how to do just that:

The Basic: Start a Branded Facebook Page for Your Company

The most fundamental act on Facebook — create a Facebook page for your company that prominently features your brand and is used to communicate with your customer base.  You then have a point-of-contact that you can reference in further online advertising, and a perfect place to start contests and other interactions with the crowd. But this is so basic, we’re not going to count it as part of our five today. Let’s get deeper.

Then, Connect Your Other Web Presences to Your Facebook Account

Once your Facebook page is looking like you want it to, it’s time to put buttons everywhere. Every piece of content your company puts out should have a Like button that attaches back to your company’s webpage, turning every piece of content into a tool for building your social media base.

Branding Yourself As Well As Your Company

When you get accustomed to the idea of possibly being a public figure, consider opening up the “Subscribe” button on your personal Facebook page, and then link your business page and your personal page.  When people subscribe to your personal page, they get your updates, and your posts become a way to call people’s attention to important things happening in your business.

Require a ‘Like’ To Reach Killer Content

Humans are funny little creatures — if you promise them killer content and then tell them that they can only get to it if they click the “Like” button, they’ll do it.  More ‘Likes’ means you look better to the next surfer to come along. And it means more people that will see your posts on their feed when they next log into Facebook. Just make sure that the content on the other side was worth it, or they’ll un-Like you just as fast as they Liked you.

Paid Ads on Facebook WORK

Facebook ads have an extraordinary amount of segmentation that they allow. You can specify the age cohort, geographic area, gender, interests, and other attributes of the people that you want to see your ads, and that way you don’t have to pay to expose your ads to people that are unlikely to care. You can also stop a campaign instantly with a single click at any time, so your chance of overspending your budget is slim to none.

Sponsored Stories: Let Other People Advertise For You

When you activate Facebook Sponsored Stories, in the Facebook self-serve ad tool, you have the option of adding any follower’s updates that specifically mention your business to your feed as a “Sponsored Story” — effectively letting you use customer testimonials as further advertising.

Facebook is a huge, deep, broad tool that allows for an insane amount of advertising in the hands of a skilled user. Treat it with respect and give it attention and money, and it’ll give you some of the best ROI your small business has ever seen. Ignore it, and you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.


I have over 10 years of experience developing inbound marketing strategies for small to medium sized businesses. My hands-on marketing and technical skills related to SEO, PPC and Social Media continue to provide my clients a tremendous online exposure – with an outstanding conversion rate.

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