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3 Ways to Lose Visitors When They Arrive at Your Website

Once a website is uploaded and running smoothly, the next step an internet marketer must take is to acquire traffic. There are several avenues through which this can be accomplished, but unfortunately, many entrepreneurs overlook the fact that it is equally important to ensure that visitors stay on the site. The following are three of the most common reasons people land on a website, only to exit a few moments later:

The Danger of Being Vague

It is essential to understand that a vague website is a pitfall that must be avoided. Rather, the most relevant, attention-grabbing information should be placed “above the fold.” The latter refers to the area above the mid-point of the website, similar to how newspapers list the most important headlines above the area where the paper is folded in half. Implementing a long, wordy introduction is a foolproof way to lose visitors almost immediately. It is much better to show at first glance that the website contains the exact information for which they are searching.

In other words, no visitor should have to wonder what the site is about. Consumers should be able to tell at once that the website offers meaningful, interesting and beneficial information. If customers become confused after landing on the page, they will not devote much time to deciphering what is being offered regarding information or products, they will simply move on to another site.


According to many marketing gurus, an unprofessional website can result in the failure of an online business. Regardless of the type of product or service you are offering, it is imperative to ensure that the site’s content is professional and free of grammar and spelling mistakes.

Very few people will feel comfortable spending money on a product or trusting that the information contained on the website is accurate, if the content itself contains poor grammar, overt spelling mistakes or even typos.

Most customers will take these occurrences as a sign that the company is not being run by a competent and intelligent individual. Once this opinion has been formed, it is highly unlikely that the individual will feel comfortable making a purchase or providing an email address.

The Role of Graphics

Professional graphics play an important role in virtually all online businesses as well. However, it is very easy for a website owner to inadvertently cross the line from professional to overdone. If the website is too difficult to navigate, or contains graphics that are too flashy and feature confusing colors or a busy background, customers will subconsciously become irritated and click off the site.

While it is true that there must be something on the page to grab the visitor’s interest, too many pictures, banners or ads competing for his or her attention will simply be an annoyance. The same is true for loud, raucous forced audio or video, which often drives customers from a website at once.

A professional, user-friendly website with interesting, but professional graphics is much more conducive to acquiring customers and subscribers than the aforementioned tactics. Marketing your website and receiving traffic is an ongoing process, but designing an attractive, user-friendly homepage is one way to ensure that those who visit your site will stay long enough to learn more about your products and services.

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